We pride ourselves on being the most innovative business in the industrial door industry. While more often than not the traditional way is the best way, sometimes it is not, and in these cases Southern Shutter Services excels in providing the most innovative and practical solution.


Southern Shutter Services offers same day emergency service to all areas in Melbourne be it day or night, therefore allowing for your business to be secured as soon as possible. Because we manufacture our own quality door products in our premises in Doveton, Victoria, we are able to offer unrivaled same day service throughout metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. 

Common repairs and issues that you may face which Southern Shutter Services handles on a daily basis include:

  • Doors damaged due to vehicle impact
  • Doors jammed due to lack of maintenance
  • Storm damage
  • Damage due to natural wear and tear
  • Burnt motors
  • Broken gearboxes
  • Collapsed bearings/worn shafts
Repairs, including replacement slats and curtains, to all types of slat profile are available.



Southern Shutter Services can service your door (s)either on a one-time callout or on a routine contract where Southern Shutter Services agrees to service your door either annually or biannually at a fixed cost.
Servicing your door regularly not only keeps your door running quietly and smoothly, but also prolongs the life of your door whilst giving you peace of mind that your door is operating safely. Doors can weigh up to 3,000kg and with many people and vehicles passing under the door on a daily basis, it is the opinion of our highly qualified technicians that safety checks and services should be a high priority.
(Tenants: remember it is your responsibility to have your roller shutter serviced!)
This is what can happen when you neglect to service and maintain your roller shutters.